Our READY TO GROW™ 1 kg “Magic” mushroom kits are hands down the easiest and fastest growing Psilo kits on the market.

All you need to do is open the box, cut the bag, mist and let the fungi do the rest. The slash sale cannot be stacked with any other sale. Boom Boxes will ship within 1 week.

You will be growing “Magic”  mushrooms within 2-3 weeks, no mixing required, no sterilization or pasteurization with our fail-proof and tested kits – Guaranteed to Grow.

We offer two strains, Martinique (originated in the Caribbeans) and Penis Envy. Expect above average intensity compared to other magic mushroom strains. Intense euphoria, happiness, and uncontrollable laughter, synesthesia, uplifting energetic feelings, visual/bodily stimulation, and deep introspective thought.

Our products are for research purposes only mushroom

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  • PREMIXED HARVEST PRO™ Fruiting Substrate & HARVEST PRO™ Grain Spawn!
  • Mushroom Growing Container
  • Water Bottle / Mister



  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Open the tab on top of the box.
  3. Remove the humidity tent, mister, and mushroom grow bag.
  4. Lay box flat and push out the perforation.
  5. Put the mushroom grow bag back in the box and close it.
  6. Cut the plastic bag with a knife in an x pattern. Be sure to cut to the corners of the perforation.
  7. Fill mister with distilled water if you have it (otherwise tap water will work). Spray 2-3 sprays on top of the plastic where you cut the x.
  8. Cut two slices perpendicular to the bottom seam (about 2 inches long) of the humidity tent to allow some air exchange.
  9. Spray 10-12 sprays inside the humidity tent and place it over the box.
  10. Tuck the humidity tent under the box. The humidity tent will stand up tall and will help create a humid environment for your mushrooms to grow.
  11. Remove the humidity tent once a day if you can and spray 4-6 sprays with the mister inside the tent itself.
    Do not spray directly on the substrate.
    You should see pins form within 1-2 weeks and fruiting bodies within 3-5 days after seeing pins form.
  12. a. Keep in room temperature with natural light.
    b. Keep out of direct sunlight and do not store in temps above 26°C.
    * Ideal temperatures are 20-24°C (room temperature)

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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions26 × 14 × 12 cm

Martinique, Penis Envy


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