The z strain is one of the best commercially available strains today, for any skill level. This strain is one of the most aggressive producers, as observed in the wild. The mushrooms are dense, meaty, and large. Z-strain is not a slacker in any regards, and the clusters are numerous, with very few, if any, aborts. It utilizes its substrate to the max. They can also be very large mushrooms, towering over most other strains.

** Allow 3-4 weeks for grain spawn to ship (depending on strain)


Potency is also extreme from the reviews we have received from people who used them legally, that we interviewed.

This was a novelty strain bred by an unknown source. Z-strain is a very aggressive colonizer and one of the fastest strains from inoculation to harvest available. This probably explains why this is such a popular strain among cultivators.

Temperature during colonization: 28-30°C. Temperature during cropping: 22-25°C