Setting up our Grande “MAGIC MUSHROOM” Kit

This video will show you how to set up the GRANDE magic mushroom kit.

Our Magic Mushroom kits are hands down the easiest and fastest growing kits on the market.

Follow along as we take you through all the key processes to growing mushrooms, and help you avoid some of the common mistakes.

The GRANDE kit retails for $99.00 and will help you unleash your inner mycologist.

Check out the video, and/or consult the directions below for magical results.

Get growing! //

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If you are not using right away REFRIGERATE the HARVEST PRO™ Grain Spawn (check out this video that highlights what happens when Grain Spawn is left to its own devices YouTube Video link here ).

  1. Find a clean, indoor space without moving air.
  2. Remove contents from the vented humidity dome.
  3. Put your mask and gloves on and sterilize the gloves with a wipe.
  4. Wipe the insides of the tray and the humidity dome with a new wipe to sterilize.
  5. Break up the grain spawn by squeezing it while it is still in the bag.
  6. Wipe the outside of the harvest pro substrate and grain spawn bags with a new wipe to sterilize.
  7. Re-sterilize your gloves with a new wipe.
  8. Open the two bags inside of the grow tray and mix thoroughly by hand with your sterile gloves on.
  9. Use your hand to level the mixture.
  10. Place the humidity dome over the tray and ensure vents are closed.
  11. Place in a dark environment (that receives no light) at room temperature. Do not store in temps above 26 °C. Mushrooms prefer to be in a humidity of 90%.
  12. DO NOT CHECK IT VERY OFTEN, KEEP IT IN THE DARK. If it gets light it’ll start pinning and you really want to make sure it is fully colonized before the pinning starts.
  13. Allow mycelium to fully colonize the substrate (it has turned white). This process could take up to two weeks.
  14. Once it has fully colonized or if you see pins forming move to a location that receives natural light (but not direct sunlight).
  15. Open vents in the humidity dome and place a small amount of polyfill into vents (to act as a filter for your air exchange).
  16. Remove dome 1-2 times a day and mist the sidewalls of the dome with distilled water, DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY on the Mushroom material.
  17. Once pinning has started (tiny pins have formed in the mycelium) you should expect to see fruiting bodies within a week.
  18. Harvest before the mushrooms unveil (the cap breaks away from the stem). If they unveil they will release spores this should be avoided.
  19. HARVEST: Grab the mushroom near the base and twist. Clean any material or substrate off of the mushroom (fruiting body) and dry it.
  20. TO DRY: use a dehydrator or build your own. Google has some great DIY’s